What does BETA mean?
To HUGZ it means we're on a mission to help you share your love by way of the most universal expression of love - a hug. An embrace. Heart to heart. And as you may have figured out by our slow connection, we're just getting started - again; In the meantime, please join us on our journey to making the world a better place, one hug at a time. Your feedback is welcomed, cherished and respected and easily shared via hugme@HUGZ.com. If you are still reading this, you deserve an extra special hug. #GiveLoveGetLove #HUGZ

Do HUGZ really hug?
Absolutely. HUGZ arrive in your mailbox ready to hug. Simply unroll HUGZ from fingertip to fingertip and get ready to feel the love. Yes, HUGZ really hug!

How big are HUGZ?
18 1/2 inches fingertip to fingertip and just over 5 1/2 inches tall in the hands. HUGZ are over 100 square inches of pure hugging power.

What are HUGZ made from?
You can feel good about your HUGZ because when its done hugging you it’s going to hug the earth. HUGZ are made from sustainably produced premium paper made from recycled content in an environmentally responsible manner using 100% renewable electricity.

Where are HUGZ made?
You can feel good about that too because HUGZ are made with love in Portsmouth, New Hampshire from paper and packaging goods created by businesses throughout the good old US of A.

How can I contact HUGZ?
We’d love to hear from you! hugme@hugz.com