About HUGZ

It started with a phone call from a dear friend. She was going through one of those times in life when you can really use a hug. She was 2500 miles away.
So I unrolled some craft paper, traced out my hands, shared some encouraging words, cut it out, rolled it up, popped it in a tube and mailed it to her.
Days later she called again: “You have no idea how wonderful your hug made me feel."

Fast forward eight months and Hugz, cards that hug, launched at the world’s largest greeting card expo, the 60th Annual National Stationery Show, where it was awarded Best New Product and went on to sell at over 350 independent retailers worldwide.

But something just wasn’t right and I knew it the eve of our debut.

To get people to really embrace Hugz, we had to enable them to create Hugz that reflect who they are. Capture their personality, their heart, their light, their likeness.

You can now put your face on Hugz, literally. And know you are providing a meal to someone in need at a local food bank every time you share your love with Hugz.

One Hugz = One Meal

Making the world a better place, one hug at a time - together!

Peter Connors

Hugz Creator