It's the right time to try this again.

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When HUGZ debuted at the world’s largest greeting card expo over a decade ago, I can remember marveling at the Up With Paper booth - to my knowledge the original 3D, pop-up greeting card company. In a market where everything folded flat and fit in an envelope, they innovated to every corner. 

Today Boston based start-up Lovepop, funded in part by Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank, is inspiring that same idea with different technology and art and marrying it with smart e-commerce and strategically located sales/art installations in high foot traffic venues - remaking how consumers are buying premium greeting cards in the process. 

From the #STL, another innovator, greetable, integrates with Instagram and knows how to deliver WOW! in a box. Your pictures, your loving words, boxed up, with a little something special all for under $20. It's clear to me that in a pile of envelopes, people will reach to open their #greetabl first. 

These are just a couple of the new creations attracting consumers who are looking to go analog and delight beyond bytes: texts, vids, pics, posts, gifs, shares and likes.

Now we're diving in, #HUGZbeta style. Fail early, fail often, fail forward! 

At a time when its clear we can all benefit from acknowledging and embracing each other in a meaningful way, we offer create-your-own HUGZ. A way for you to create your likeness and deliver it by way of a card that hugs - that will literally embrace the person you care enough to send it to.

And we want to delight. Which starts with your experience using on your computer, tablet or phone. Our HUGZbeta site is a web application, which can't control the camera on your device like Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook. So please have some patience as we get on our feet. Once we work out the kinks, we'll offer HUGZ as a native app that delivers a faster, more streamlined user experience.

In the meantime, I hope you will take the time to share your feedback and let us know how we can delight you at




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